Scientists suspect the Pentagon is in creating biological weapons

Ученые подозревают Пентагон в создании биологического оружия

The building of the Ministry of defense

Experts believe that the U.S. Department of defense can use insects to spread of genetically modified viruses.

A group of scientists from the universities of Germany and France came to the conclusion that the program of the us military on the use of insects to spread of genetically modified viruses could violate the biological weapons Convention, it said in a study published in the journal Science.

It is noted that the program on the use of insects, which is supported by the Agency for future defence research development USA, has questionable value for agriculture, as threat due to the inability to control insects.

However, it can be an attempt to create biological agents to spread viruses, which is a direct violation of the biological weapons Convention.

It is noted that the existing 2016 the program has already spent $ 27 million.

Earlier it was reported that Microsoft founder bill gates has invested four million dollars in a project to create a genetically modified mosquito killers.

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