Scientists want to send a second mission to Pluto

Ученые хотят отправить вторую миссию к Плутону

Previously Pluto explored the New Horizons station

It is also proposed to continue the study of the Kuiper belt.

A group of scientists signed the letter with a proposal to NASA to organize a second mission to Pluto, or in another area of the Kuiper belt, according to

One of the initiators of the appeal was Kelsey singer, who participated in the preparation of the first mission to Pluto – New Horizons.

“We want the community to realize that people are interested. We need the community to realize that there are important unmet goal,” – said the singer.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously, the leadership of the New Horizons mission announced the top 10 discoveries made by the same station. Summarizing timed to the anniversary of the passage of the apparatus past Pluto and its satellites.

On Pluto found slushy ocean