Scientists write about the dangers of hydroelectric power station. Warned and Ukraine

Ученые пишут о вреде ГЭС. Предупреждали и Украину

In Ukraine large-scale uncontrolled construction of hydroelectric power plants, they say in the WWF

Europe and the United States are moving away from hydroelectric power because they harm the environment and do not bring enough profit.

Hydroelectric power harm the environment and, thus, is economically disadvantageous, therefore, the Western countries refuse operation of hydroelectric power stations, according to a new study by researchers.

Recently WWF stated that large-scale uncontrolled construction of hydroelectric power plants in Ukraine may lead to environmental disaster – are already disappear the unique species of fish and other organisms, worsening the water quality. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Why the West refuses HPP

To date, more than 70 percent of renewable electricity is generated by hydropower. If the developed Western countries refuse from the power station and dismantle them, developing countries continue to build them – about 3.7 thousand large and medium-sized hydropower plants are under construction.

Europeans and Americans are massively built power plants on the rivers in the middle of the last century, after the 1960s, this trend began to decline. For example, in the United States, hydropower accounts for about six percent of all electricity generated.

Remained 12 years. Catastrophic melting of the poles

American scientists from the University of Michigan November 5, published in the journal PNAS a new study, which says that the construction and operation of hydro harm river ecology, cause displacement of millions of people, and greenhouse gases with flooded areas contribute a negative contribution to climate change.

Ученые пишут о вреде ГЭС. Предупреждали и Украину
The river is shallow and dry due to the HPP / Getty

As the researchers explain, the States were interested in cheap electricity, so do not pay attention to environmental and social risks.

However, more than 90 percent was built with a 30-ies of the last century hydroelectric power station brought less profit than expected.

Do not build for people and for the industry

The authors of the study write that hydropower in developing countries often do not build for the needs of ordinary citizens, and for the large industrial players.

So, the hydroelectric power plant on the Congo river at a cost of $ 80 billion, would be expected to produce more than a third of the total current volume of electricity in Africa. But more than 90 percent depleted her energy will go on mining in South Africa.

In Brazil are also building large number of hydro, electricity which passes by the homes of ordinary people. Only five years ago, on the Madeira river completed construction of two power plants, but their performance also proved unprofitable.

The sixth wave of extinction. Man killed 60% of the animals

Now in Brazil there is a ban on construction of new HPPs. However, as expected, the new President Zaira Bolsonaro it will be removed and plans to build another 60 new dams. The capacity of rivers because of them decreases, so you have to build even more.

At the same time, HPP harmed both nature and people. So, from the construction of power plants in Africa could be affected about 60 million people living by fishing on the Mekong river.

Scientists urge to invest more in alternative sources – solar and wind power, and hydropower to invest only where it is needed.


HPP harmful to the ecology of Ukraine

In March this year, WWF published a report on the development of small hydropower in Ukraine.

It experts urged to consider not only to meet the modern energy needs of the country and international obligations, protecting the interests of future generations and providing a safe and healthy environment.

Over the past ten years the state has not developed a strategy and planning of small hydropower development, say in the WWF.

Revival. Solar power station in Chernobyl

“Does not exist in Ukraine and regulatory environmental requirements for the construction and operation of SHPP that correspond to modern realities. The planning is chaotic in nature without taking into account the environmental impact, without consideration of alternatives and feasibility of the project to communities,” the document says.

Ученые пишут о вреде ГЭС. Предупреждали и Украину
Mges in the Ukrainian Carpathians / WWF-Ukraine

It is also noted that most small hydropower plants are constructed and work with violations of the existing environmental and planning legislation.

“Large-scale uncontrolled construction of SHPP in Ukraine in recent years leads to the disappearance of unique species of fish and most aquatic organisms, deterioration of water quality in rivers, change in hydro-morphological regimes, draining of rivers, in some regions – social tension and can lead to environmental disaster,” – say in the Fund.

WWF led 12 detailed items in which it is permissible to develop the construction of small hydropower plants in Ukraine.


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