Scythian gold: what will be returned to Ukraine

Золото скифов: что вернут Украине

Scythian gold: gold clasp in the form of a “knot of Hercules”

Photos of Scythian gold from the Crimean museums, which by the decision of the Dutch court will return to Ukraine, despite protests of Russia.

The district court of Amsterdam today, December 14, ruled that the so-called Scythian gold from the Crimean museums return to Ukraine. We are talking about exhibits which were transferred ARC to the Netherlands for the exhibition even before the annexation of the Crimea.

Due to the annexation of the Dutch museums did not know where to return the gold. Kyiv has insisted that Ukraine, Russia – in the Crimea. The most valuable exhibits, including the Scythian pectoral IV century, always kept in the national Museum in Kiev, and they were returned immediately after the exhibition.

Lawyers international law firm, “Bergh Stoop & Sanders NV”, which represented the interests of Ukraine, the Ministry of justice paid $6 million Also Ukraine is obliged to pay the Netherlands € 110 thousand for the storage and inventory of Scythian gold. Exhibits will not be back before the end of 2017.

The Museum of the reserve “Chersonese” handed exhibit 28 exhibits. One of the most valuable decree (diploma) in honor of an historian Siriskoy. Excavations found three fragments of the decree (marble slab), which dates from the II half of the III century BC the text on the plate is the only proof that the ancient historian Siris – a real person. He is also considered the first historian, who lived on the territory of Ukraine.

The Simferopol Museum of Tauris was sent to the Netherlands 132 exhibit. Among the most valuable – Scythian tent finial in the form of a Griffin. From Kerch reserve to the exhibition left an additional 190 exhibits, including a sculpture of a “goddess zmeenogoy” – one of the gems of the exhibition. Bakhchisaray historical and cultural reserve were sent to Holland 215 items, the most valuable is the Golden clasp in the shape of a “knot of Hercules”.

Photo exhibits of Scythian gold, which will return to Ukraine:

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