Sean Carr. Biography and cause of death of son-in-law Tymoshenko

Шон Карр. Биография и причина смерти зятя Тимошенко

The cause of death of 49-year-old rocker and former husband of Eugenia Tymoshenko called hemorrhage. The main thing about the life and death of Sean Carr.

The leader of the British band Death Valley Screamers and ex-husband of Eugenia Tymoshenko Sean Carr died peacefully in her sleep on Tuesday, January 8, 2018. Heart rocker stopped at 10 am. On the death of Sean Carr told his colleagues on the official page of the band Death Valley Screamers, which was created by Carr. The report also says that in the hour of death there were his daughter Charlie (Charlotte).

The message on the page of Death Valley Screamers also noted: “He (Carr) dearly loved Ukraine and returned to be with his brothers on a motorcycle “Bastards” and launch a club in Prague”.

His regret about the death of Sean Carr with a private profile in Facebook was expressed by Ukrainian biker Alexander the Orphan. Sirota also noted that, more recently, rocker was in the Ukraine and then came to Prague, where he opened a biker club “Padonki”.

He was acquainted with Sean Carr and told the Ukrainian media a few different version of the death of a friend. According to him, on the morning of 8 January 2018 rocker suddenly became ill and was urgently hospitalized.

According to a friend of Kara Raymond Davis, Macrobbie, the musician was sick a long time and died in hospital from internal bleeding. Rocker cremated in Prague, and the urn with his ashes daughter Charly will bring to the UK.


Sean Carr was born on 10 August 1968 in the village of Tornier, near Leeds (Yorkshire, UK). Parents of the future rocker was a businessman and a homemaker, Peter Susan.

Since childhood, professionally engaged in swimming and Boxing, had high achievements in sports. Her Hobbies were motorcycling.

For some time he lived with his father in Spain, but later returned to England, where he worked first in a Shoe shop, and later decided to connect his life with music.

Шон Карр. Биография и причина смерти зятя Тимошенко

DVS, in which Carr was the soloist (photo: FacebookDeath Valley Screamers)

Together with a childhood friend formed a rock group Paris In The Fall. And in 2005, while in Ukraine, organized a heavy metal band DVS (Death Valley Screamers). Still in a group of two British and three Ukrainian musicians.

Three marriages and a suspended sentence

Sean Carr was thrice in a serious relationship. His first wife was Emma singer gave birth to daughter Charlotte in 1995. After parting with Emma Carr said that the singer was addicted to drugs and periodically beat his wife. According to the woman, Sean Carr knocked her front teeth out, broke his collarbone and injured his jaw. She also told the media that the rocker was never a good father.

For beating of the wife of Sean Carr received a suspended sentence, which amounted to 2 years. He pleaded guilty and was treated by a psychiatrist.

The second wife of Sean Carr was the daughter of Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko, Eugenia.

Шон Карр. Биография и причина смерти зятя Тимошенко

The wedding of Sean Carr and Eugenia Tymoshenko (photo: EPA/UPG)

Her rocker married 1 Oct 2005 in Kiev. At the time he was 37 years old and she is 25. To get married, Carr had to accept Orthodoxy. The marriage lasted 6 years and broke up in March 2012.

In 2013 Sean Carr was married a third time a Briton Mary hill that traditionally it was much younger. Mary hill was 31 years, while Sean Carr – 45. The wedding took place in Chisinau. In 2015, Sean Carr and Mary was born the son of JAX.

Sean Carr and Eugenia Tymoshenko: history of relations

After the divorce from his first wife Emma Carr Sean left England. He bought a property in Egypt and Spain. In 2004, at Sharm El-Sheikh rocker met with Eugenia Tymoshenko, who was younger than Carr for 12 years.

An affair with the daughter of a prominent politician evolved rather quickly, the couple lived in the UK, where Eugene at the time studied. But in December 2004, Sean Carr visited Ukraine for the family of his bride. This event coincided with the “orange revolution” that took place at that time in Ukraine. Yulia Tymoshenko was the center of attention of the public, and her family, including daughter’s boyfriend Sean Carr, strongly supported it.

Шон Карр. Биография и причина смерти зятя Тимошенко

Sean Carr and Eugenia Tymoshenko

In 2005 he rocker decided to build a musical career in Ukraine. He married Eugenia, Sean Carr began an active concert activity. In tours about the country he was always accompanied by Yevgeniy Timoshenko.

Despite the mutual desire, the couple never had children of their own, but they were planning to adopt a child.

The couple then opened in Kiev restaurant Ciro’s Pomodoro. But the car took little part in business and political life of the family. Yulia Tymoshenko spoke positively about the rocker and former shoemaker, is covered with tattoos. She called him “kind, educated and inspired person.”

In March 2012 the couple broke up. The reason for the divorce is not known. According to one version, the couple divorced because of the arrest and subsequent conviction of Yulia Tymoshenko – Eugene actively participated in the “whitening” your mother’s name, and it allegedly harmed the marriage.

Divorce Eugenia Tymoshenko and Sean Carr were discussed in the media, as the couple shared property in the Ukrainian court. The results of the proceedings, Eugenia Tymoshenko went to the restaurant Ciro’s Pomodoro in Kyiv and half of the mansion in the river.

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