Secomandi: New faces or half-forgotten old?

ЗеКоманда: Новые лица или подзабытые старые?

Vladimir Zelensky won the presidential election, but has so far not presented his team. Who conducts the power of the future head of state?

Vladimir Zelensky has steadfastly refused to name their candidates for the Ministers and heads of law enforcement agencies. Instead, he introduced a number of advisers and experts who, as he says, with him going to the presidential Administration, and then you can get some positions.

Who are these people?

Alexander Danilyuk

Perhaps the most famous member of Secomandi. The former Minister of Finance in the government of Vladimir Groisman.

That’s when Danyluk was nationalized Privat. The Minister resigned from the government after a conflict with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman in the number of views on the reform of the State fiscal service.

During the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych danyluk was his adviser, and head of Coordination centre for implementation of economic reforms.

After the revolution of Dignity danyluk becomes a member of the team of Petro Poroshenko, first as the President’s representative in the government, and then as Deputy head of the AP.

The team Zelensky danyluk is responsible for international cooperation, Finance, banking. The Ministers of foreign Affairs, in his own words, is not going to.

Ruslan Ryaboshapka

He worked for many years in the Ministry of justice. In 2010, he headed the newly created Bureau of anti-corruption policy, and with the appearance in Ukraine of the National Agency for prevention of corruption entered into its composition.

From Zelensky is responsible for anti-corruption policy.

Dmitry Razumkov

The main speaker at the headquarters of Zelensky. During the campaign handed out more of the interview than the candidate. Zelensky presented it as responsible for domestic policy.

Razumkov several years was a member of the Party of regions. Father Razumkov, a former Deputy Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Razumkov, one of the founders of the Center for economic and political studies (Razumkov bears the name after his death in 1999).

Ivan Bakanov

A childhood friend Zelensky and his longtime partner, he headed the headquarters of the candidate during his election campaign. Since the founding of the Studio Kvartal 95 – one of the key figures in the business Zelensky, a lawyer and one of the leaders of the project.

In addition, Bakanov in late 2017 registered the party the Servant of the people, is now its head. Bakanov, according to Zelensky, will be responsible for communication with Parliament. It was his prophesy to the head of the presidential Administration.

Galina Yanchenko

30-year-old graduate of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and a sociologist. In 2014 she founded the anti-corruption headquarters of Kiev, worked as an analyst of the Center of counteraction of corruption. He was a Deputy of Kyiv city Council from the party of the democratic Alliance. Is a member of the public Council under NEB.

Denis Monastery

From Zelensky is responsible for law enforcement reform. In this Monastery – the assistant people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko – Advisor to acting interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Was part of the Commission for the contest for the election of the leadership of the State Bureau of investigation. Went in there, by the way, is the same Gerashchenko.

Ivan Apartin

62-year-old retired Colonel. Joined the team Zelensky of staff Anatoly Gritsenko – Apartine what he called its candidate for the post of defense Minister if elected President, then advised him Zelensky.

Military personnel, Uparsin worked in the Ministry of defence since 2005 (that’s when the office was headed by Gritsenko). He headed the Department for military policy and strategic planning. In 2010-2014 he worked at the Department of defense and security policy of the Cabinet Secretariat.

Irina Venediktova

Professor and doctor of legal Sciences, head of chair of civil law disciplines at the law faculty of Kharkiv national University named after Karazin. Will be responsible for the reform of the judiciary, even though she failed the contest judges of the Supreme court.

Daniel Getmantsev

Honorary President of Jurimex law firm, head of banking and Finance. From Zelensky responsible for the economy and Finance.

Victoria Insurance

After the revolution of dignity to the position of project Manager in financial sector reforms the National reform Council, and before that, the legal expert of the Ukrainian USAID (United States Agency for international development). After the nationalization of PrivatBank, was appointed corporate Secretary. Resigned because of conflict with the members of the Supervisory Board of the Bank.

Mikhail Fedorov

Founder of digital Agency SMMSTUDIO specializing in the field of Internet marketing and advertising in social networks. It was he who built the online communication Team Zelensky and was responsible for her pages in social networks.

Andriy Gerus

Specialization – energy, utilities and Antimonopoly regulation. Gerus former member of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in energy and utilities. One of the main critics of the scheme, the Rotterdam of businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

Also in the team of the candidate:

Ruslan Stefanchuk – reforming the state and legal institutions and legislative drafting. Doctor of law, lawyer, was Deputy chief editor of the legal journal law of Ukraine.

Sergei Ionushas – justice. Director of law firm Gelon, a member of the bar Association and the Association of lawyers of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Merezhko – democracy. Doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, participated in the competition in the Higher anti-corruption court, has not passed.

Oleg Bondarenko – environmental policy.

Marina Bardina – equal rights and opportunities of women and men.

Sergey Kalchenko – the electoral legislation and European standards in the field of human rights. Associate partner of legal company Hillmont Partners, where oversees the practice of the European court of human rights.

Sergey Babak – education and science. Expert of the Ukrainian Institute of the future. Mr 4 thousands of dollars teachers. Famous by this scandalous promise that has managed to refute even Secomandi.

Eugene Komorowski – medicine. Famous children’s doctor and television host, popular blogger.