Security forces arrested five arms traffickers

Силовики задержали пятерых торговцев оружием

Men supplied weapons to criminals.

The security Service officers jointly with the police established and detained five citizens suspected of involvement in the illegal sale of weapons and ammunition. About it reports a press-the SBU center on Monday, October 9.

According to authorities, the men has established an extensive network of sale of firearms to representatives of criminals on the territory of Ukraine.

During simultaneous searches at the residence and temporary stay of members of the group in Kyiv and Zaporizhia regions field investigators withdrew the Kalashnikov machine gun, four automatic AKMS and AKS, 12 different brands of pistols, including revolvers, two pistols-a machine gun, RGD-5 grenade, rifle, silencer, more than 700 bullets of different caliber and a large number of parts for firearms.

In Kiev, detained a local resident who established the clandestine manufacture and upgrading weapons. He seized two rifled carbines and 3 thousand cartridges, more than 23 thousand capsules to the patrons, almost 30 kg of gunpowder and a special weapon for their manufacture.

Earlier, the police reported arrested three arms dealers from this group.