Select whether the Crimeans with Ukrainian passports?

Отберут ли у крымчан украинские паспорта?

A fragment of the material “Crimea. Realities”

Crimeans received Russian passports, the biggest question is – will they be subject to the rules of the President’s bill on citizenship, if the Verkhovna Rada will support it. The President’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada Arthur Gerasimov stated that this question refers only to cases of voluntary acquisition of citizenship of another country.

“This is not the case with our people in Crimea, because there is the voluntariness of it was not” – quoted by Gerasimov “Interfax”.

That the bill will not apply to the Crimean people, is convinced the MP from the faction “people’s front” George Legwinski. According to him, residents of the Peninsula will not deprive the Ukrainian citizenship for a Russian passport, because Ukraine does not recognize these passports are valid.

“The law as to the rights and freedoms on the temporarily occupied territory clearly stipulates that citizenship in the occupied territory of Ukraine are not recognized and are not recognized by the entire world. It is not recognized as having another nationality for a citizen of Ukraine,” said Logvinsky.

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The Ukrainian legislation is really a fixed rate, under which the forced automatic acquisition of Russian legislation for residents of the Crimea is not recognized by Ukraine and is not a ground for deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship. This reads article 5 of the law “On ensuring rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”.

But human rights activists believe that in fact the bill Poroshenko is a potential threat to the opposition, if it will be the current version. The expert of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on human rights Daria Sviridov drew attention to the fact that the document is not written to the exception for residents of the occupied territories.

“It would be good to discuss these points, we have the inhabitants of the occupied territories who were forced to nationality,” – said human rights activist.

In her opinion, a danger to Crimeans is the norm of the bill according to which Ukrainian citizens will be deprived for the fact that the person has the rights of a foreign state and perform the duties of this country. Sviridov stressed that almost all the residents of the Peninsula enjoy the rights provided by Russia, and perform duties required of them this state.

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“Crimeans are a lot of rights that it provides state-occupier. They perform a number of duties. Including, for example, pay taxes in the occupied territory. For example, working in the school or kindergarten, you pay taxes to the occupier. But why in this situation must be to blame the person who is a civilian in the occupation, not the state-occupier, which violates a foreign country?” – said Sviridov.

The human rights activist believes that if the bill will apply to the Crimeans, it would be contrary to international humanitarian law and national legislation of Ukraine. Sviridov hopes that submitted to the Parliament the document, the deputies will not support or at least it will eliminate rules that will infringe on the rights of citizens of the Crimean Peninsula.

According to the survey of people’s deputies, who conducted the correspondent of “Radio Svoboda” in the Ukrainian Parliament there is no consensus about the fate of the President’s bill. Soon it will be considered in committees of the Verkhovna Rada.

Ivan Putilov

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