Selection of clearomizer for beginners

Выбор клиромайзера для новичков

The popularity of electronic cigarettes increases every day. Novice Wataru difficult to understand with all the terminology, but the main features of e-cigarettes to understand just. The main thing is to learn the basic elements of the device, and you need to start with the clearomizer. This detail is often confused with the atomizer, as a matter of fact both of these elements perform the same function, but have significant differences.

What is a clearomizer

Clearomizers or abbreviated clears is a transparent cylinder equipped with a heating element and a wick. The key word is “transparent” (eng. “clear”), as vaper can always control the amount of fluid consumed during Smoking.

If you compare the atomizer with the clears, it is important to note that the latter is more succinct, allowing you a long time to enjoy one taste. They do not need regular cleaning and contain several detachable elements, which if necessary can be replaced or repaired.

The main types of clearomizers

Depending on its functionality clearomizer can be of three types:
1. Portable type is very convenient for experienced vapers who know how to self-wind evaporator. In this case, they will do the smoker much cheaper than other types.
2. Non-separable type, the so – called one-time clears, the simplest to use, but suitable only to cigarettes eGo.
3. Combined type – a mix of the previous two types, with the widest range of opportunities of service.

An important parameter in the choice of the clergy is the material from which the tank and housing. Prefer glass bulb (in any case not plastic), as it is the most safe for the health of vaper. The cost of the clearomizer can be affected by the material from which made the housing: aluminum, copper or stainless steel. The quality of the taste, this indicator is not affected.

The main criteria for the selection of clearomizer

• Volume. There is a misconception that a large amount of the clergy will provide the duration of fluid flow. In fact it is not. It all depends on the number of spirals, battery power and other parameters.
• The wick. Kits for beginners are rarely of really high quality wick – Japanese cotton. Often made of cotton or silica, but should strive for the best.
• Spiral. Electronic cigarette luxury apartments equipped with expensive spirals of Nickel and titanium. For beginners is more suitable for inexpensive but durable spiral of fehrle or nichrome.
• The evaporator. This element plays an important role, as it transforms the fluid Smoking into steam. In some choirs the evaporator is located in the lower part is optimally, as in this case the taste of the couple particularly busy, and the presence of liquid in close proximity to the helix provides the maximum consumption of the Smoking fluid. Located in the upper part does not provide a decent quality of taste over time may be a decrease in conductivity of the wicks.
• Resistance. This parameter further affects the duration of battery life. For novice vaper optimal rate in the range from 1.5 to 2.2 Ohms.

Understand the features of a clearomizer is not difficult. The main thing to remember is that the priority must be easy to use and high quality taste. Do not immediately buy the most expensive model of e-cigarette with a full set of options. Use the received information to make the best choices for themselves.