Selection rules for the contest can change

Правила отбора на Евровидение могут изменить

In the Cabinet after the scandal with MARUV talking about changes in the rules of selection for the Eurovision song contest.

The rules for the selection of the representative of Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest you need to make changes to avoid the scandalous situation which has arisen this year with the winner singer MARUV. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine on humanitarian questions Vyacheslav Kirilenko on a talk show on TV channel Direct.

According to him, the selection rules need to enter a restriction for those artists who are touring in Russia.

“It’s not even in the law and in the rules of selection. Since Eurovision in Ukraine engaged in the public broadcaster. Because that’s what Public television is a member of the European broadcasting Union, European broadcasting Union conducting this competition. And here they define the rules of selection. You can do without any public tenders simply designate may hold a narrow peer competition, but can with the assistance of experts and to the wider vote. They will choose in the future – that is their prerogative, an exclusive privilege,” said the official.

According to him, it is necessary to clearly stipulate in the rules of tender that the artists that are touring or have toured in Russia, are not eligible to participate in the selection of the international song contest Eurovision from Ukraine.

“This is not a contest where just the participant or the participant taking part with his composition. And it is a competition which involves representative of the country of Ukraine. And, in fact, such a person immediately falls under the watchful press attention from the different parties, it is also a cultural representative, a representative of our culture. It needs to possess a huge number of questions, it needs to conform to the high status of the representative of the country and not just himself. So there was this conflict around the current selection” – said Kirilenko.

He stressed that participant from Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest is not themselves but the country. “And so there is a complex system of selection. There are multilateral agreements between Public television and the company that selects, between Public television and the European broadcasting Union. There are rules of the European broadcasting Union, there are rules of selection of Public television. And this place should not be any gap on this long journey,” concluded Kirilenko.

Earlier it became known that the singer Maruv, which won the national selection for Eurovision-2019, commented on the situation with the refusal of her participation in the Eurovision song contest and stated that the conditions of their contract “bonded”.


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