Seleznev the rest of the week promised to name the new club

Селезнев до конца недели пообещал назвать новый клуб

Yevhen Seleznyov

Yevhen Seleznyov confirmed that he took his contract with the Krasnodar club.

“The contract took. About where I will continue career, will learn in two days”, – said Seleznev.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Seleznev wants to leave Kuban. The player himself refused to comment on the gap his contract with Kuban.

Earlier SPORT bigmir)net reported that Seleznev can continue his career in Ukrainian club.

Russian media linked the care Selezneva from Kuban with a breach of discipline, and the Kuban accused Seleznev in the delivery of the games in the championship of Russia

The same news on Sports bigmir)net: Seleznev until the end of the week promised to name the new club

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