Self-help tried to “push” support of the blockade in the region – expert

Самопомощь пыталась "протащить" поддержку блокады в регионах - эксперт

The party is responsible for trying the decision to support the transport blockade of Donbass in local councils.

Party Self-help is responsible for trying to “drag” the decision to support the transport blockade of Donbass in local councils. Such opinion on air of TV channel 112 on Monday, March 20, expressed by the political expert, Director of the Institute of socio-political design Dialogue Andrew Miseluk.

“The situation in the regions is now very sharp, because there the stumbling block was the question of the blockade. Party Self-help and party Dill tried in the councils of the Western regions in the Dnipro Council where Self-help controls two key positions – Secretary of the city Council and the head of the budget Commission – to reach a resolution on supporting the blockade. Somewhere they succeeded, for example, in the Volyn regional Council in Poltava and the Dnieper. the city Council they did not succeed. Of course, those cities and areas where the blockade has supported, today at the Council of regions the President will remember,” said the expert, commenting on the agenda of the regional development Council, which takes place in Kyiv today.

In addition, the expert reminded the meeting of the President with the leader of the Self-help, which was one of the defenders of the siege.

“We remember that just a week and a half ago, the President called to his conversation of the Chairman of the party, Samopomich and Andriy Sadovy led a conversation with him. After all, Self-help and its representatives in the local councils were the initiators of applications that support the embargo. Because now the decision of the national security Council is already the situation with the blockade in a certain way resolved, obviously, the government finally took control of the situation”, – said Miseluk.

As reported in the February session of the Dnieper the city Council members of the party Dill and Self-help initiated the adoption of the resolution on support of the blockade, but the decision did not receive a sufficient number of votes. Later, the city Council of the Dnieper supported the condemnation of “blockade”.

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