Selling and buying products online has become easier with the free ad – Golosa

Продажа и покупка товаров в Интернете стала проще с доской бесплатных объявлений – Оголоша

Golosa is a Ukrainian service for everyone to quickly find the necessary goods or services at bargain prices.

The website started its active work in 2015. Two years of successful functioning, the portal formed a huge database of ads and offers. Anyone can find yourself the product or service they need.

To become a user Oglasi don’t need to register, you can immediately review all proposals and contact the author. To make use of the free Internet Bulletin Board created by a simple design and all the ads are divided into categories and subcategories. Also each listing has a full description of the goods, the pictures and level of quality. Moderators update the listings regularly and often, so the relevance of the ads can be no doubt.

Become a seller quickly and easily, you only need to execute multiple statements when creating Your ads. There is also a service to “Lift the TOP” – it will fix Your ad in the top charts page, and it will enjoy more popularity than the usual suggestions. A nice bonus is the low price for such a service, which is 3 times less than on all other popular websites purchasesale.

Sell, buy, change, together with the Ukrainian free Bulletin Board Golosa.