Semakov: I would Like to apologize for Ruhpolding, relay uneasy formed

Семаков: Хотел бы извиниться за Рупольдинг, эстафета непросто сложилась

Vladimir Semakov

Vladimir Semakov commented on the result of the sprint in Antholz.

Ukrainian biathlete week ago had stopped the relay in Ruhpolding, but in the sprint in Antholz was the best of the Ukrainians and have shown record result.

“Gravity was felt even in the warm-up. It was clear that to run the race to an even pace. In principle, did so, shot clean in prone, keep the speed to the rack, and there’s also got to work clean. On zeroing was a breeze, so I should expect during the race. When I came to the prone shooting, shot adjusted two to the left and at the front already without amendment worked.

When preparing before the start, saw that Brendan was wrong a lot on the rack, so work carefully. Came out of the turn, said that the coming eighth, tried to endure. For me this is the best result, so I want to say Hello to all the fans who wrote, believes, maintains.

I would like to apologize for Ruhpolding, relay uneasy formed. A week passed and here’s another result. In the relay we all had failures, someone many spare used someone penalty goes. Last year we, thank God, went around, and this different get. Shoot all the time without mistakes is impossible, so I have got an error. Guys I fully supported this happens

After the Olympic games I don’t want to retire, plan to run further. Don’t know where or how, but I really want to remain in the Ukrainian team,” said Semakov in an interview

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