Semenchenko explained, as was the Congress of the separatists

Семенченко объяснил, как оказался на съезде сепаратистов

Semen Semenchenko

According to the MP, he went to meetings to understand the reasons for police inaction.

Semenchenko told the journal Reporter, how did he with a St. George’s ribbon ribbon sat at the Congress of the separatists in Donetsk.

According to him, then there was no DNR, but only a spontaneous rally.

“In March of 2014 and still wasn’t close DND, full-fledged separatist organization appeared a month later. Respectively, and no Congress was not. There were spontaneous rallies, noisy meetings Pro-Russian citizens. After Maidan I returned to Donetsk and decided to organize together with other children of the Donetsk self-defence. At the same time on the East came Nikolai Yakubovich, at that time he was the Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Advisor to the Secretary of the NSDC Andrew parubiya. We knew each other from the Maidan, began to work together,” – said the politician.

Semenchenko assured that went to rallies, to understand the reasons for the inaction of the police, to assess the resources available to protesters.

“All the data I’m using Jakubowicz passed in Kiev Parubiy and Avakov. And how is presented this video is part of the campaign, coined by cynics for gullible people. The chronology of the events of 2014 already pojavilas”, he added.

According to the MP, the discrediting of the volunteer battalion Donbass started back in the spring of 2014 – then we were doing a whole organized group in Russia. “There were rumours that we were selling human organs that we invaders the peaceful population. Seriously I was not is from the series about the crucified boys, raped bullfinches and epileptic pensioners. The Ukrainian press is all began – I remember the date – September 5, 2014”, – said Semenchenko.

The politician stressed that it started exactly when were signed the Minsk agreement and he went to Self-help, and demanded to punish the generals for Ilovaisk.

“Immediately addressed showered with “exposure”. I think that this is still involved in special forces, only in September they were joined by those who live in Ukraine, in particular, financial clans…in the Winter of 2015 we announced that Debaltsevo is ilovays’k № 2 – the same people leading the operation, allowed similar errors. And again dirty publications…”, – said Semenchenko.

“I’m not the only one, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios specializes in discrediting the new police force, volunteers. However, I would not be surprised if the next interview you have will be taken from behind the bars”, he added.

The question is not did he have the desire to punish the offenders, Semenchenko said: “the Use of physical force in the Parliament will be immediately used by our opponents to scare people – again radicals, extremists. When in Kryvyi Rih have been elections, there are opponents of the people said, Yes, you live in poverty, the local government robbing you, but this is the most power – is not really evil. And here comes Samopomoc and the end of your quiet life. So people set up”.

The full text of the article can be found at No. 15 of the journal Correspondent.

Before GPU Semenchenko called for questioning as a witness in the case on the fact of creation and activities of the DNR.

We will remind, in December 2014 in the Internet appeared the video, on which the person similar to Semenchenko, present at the capture of regional state administration in Donetsk.