Semenov: In ridnaun very difficult track, it will not be easy

Семенов: В Риднау очень сложная трасса, легко не будет

Sergey Semenov

Ukrainian biathlete tested the track at the European Championships.

Wednesday, January 24, January starts the European championship on biathlon. Ukrainian Sergey Semenov talked about the training and its form, and also shared his impressions about the track.

According to the biathlete, the track in Ridnaun complex and the athletes have easy.

“I had two training sessions here. I will say that the track here is very difficult and I think that during the races it will be hard for everyone, despite the regalia, the level or even form. The circle has a very serious climb. I can’t even compare him with some on the world Cup. Very heavy and in front of him a fairly long plain. I think during the race a lot will be resolved on the rise and on the firing line.

As for my form, the first start should show it. And depending on it we will make final preparations for the Olympic games.

According to the forecast, snow tomorrow should not be, should be good weather, I think everything will be all right. In this weather to run a pleasure.

This year the composition of participants is very strong. Come and Bulgarians, the Germans and the French. The Norwegians have a strong team, the Russian team is represented by several strong guys. So easy to not be here,” said Semenov in interview to UA:Biathlon.

Earlier it was reported, what will be the national team of Ukraine in the individual time trial championship.

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