Semerak: Ukraine is almost all water bodies are polluted

Семерак: В Украине почти все водоемы загрязнены

River of Ukraine is in a terrible state

On clearing of the river has allocated 200 thousand UAH.

In Ukraine, about 90% of water bodies are polluted. On Wednesday, October 4, said the Minister of ecology and natural resources Ostap Semerak during a press conference, reports Ukrainian news.

According to the Minister, the reason for this is the climate change and improper waste handling.

Semerak noted that the dredging of rivers and anti pollution incorporated in the state budget of 200 thousand hryvnia. The same amount allocated next year.

The Minister also said that according to the records of the State Agency of water resources, the filling of the rivers is 20% of the maximum.

Recall, as reported by the ecologists, Ukraine has tested a new missile in the biosphere reserve.