Semerenko sisters, will continue his career after the Olympics, Jim can take a break

Сестры Семеренко продолжат карьеру после Олимпиады, Джима может взять паузу

Vladimir Brynzak

Vladimir Brynzak talked about plans to rejuvenate the team after Pyeongchang.

The President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak said that next season the team will allow young athletes.

“I think that Vita Semerenko another year or two for sure run. Valya, I think, too. The main thing is health and how they will perform. If they perform well will health feel good, no issues, they can still easily run.

Yulia Jim was still young, she is still one Olympic cycle definitely will. It can posleolimpiyskogo season to miss, for example, if she wants to psychologically relax, gain strength, heal and return. I think so. But if not, it will be without a break to run, I hope.

We are now only at the start of the world sports career. Now just pozagorat career Dorin habert, Domracheva, Makarainen, Kuzmina. Now off doors for young athletes: for the same Jim, for Merkushino.

We already have the future of Ukrainian biathlon. We form a team. We have Zhuravok, and Dmitrenko, and Kipjachenija, and Krivonos, the boys and Trush, and Lysyuk. We do they are prepared. In the spring there will be a new team.

We’re not ruling out that someone will remain fundamental but the new team will be and it will prepare for the next four years the Olympic games”, – said Vladimir Brynzak.

Previously project Manager brynzak said, what results can we expect from the Ukrainian biathlon at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

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