Semerenko Valj returns to the national team of Ukraine

Валя Семеренко возвращается в сборную Украины

Valentina Semerenko

Olympic champion and world champion in biathlon Valentina Semerenko took part in the training of the core team in Pokljuka.

Today the training session of women’s team of Ukraine in Pokljuka, where tomorrow will start the second phase of the world Cup. In the Slovenian Alps arrived Valentina Semerenko, who first trained with the team this season. Does it mean that she returns to the national team?

The head coach of the female national team of Ukraine on biathlon Uros Velepec said:

“Vale now have more to shoot, since last month it didn’t have that opportunity. These days, she will shoot with us and train. It seems to me that the course she was on the level. First we will see how she will perform at the IBU Cup, and then, maybe she will appear in the first team.”

“In any case, it will be after the New year. We leave in Nove mesto, and it will remain there. Here will come again and Olga Abramova. Why here they will train? Because here and now the best conditions in Europe. Here in Obertilliach. Valya times here, so it has to have a strong desire to return,” said Velepec in an interview to the official website biathlon Federation of Ukraine.

Recall, the best result in the first race of the new season belongs to Jim Julia, who finished 9th in pursuit.

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