Senator Ted Cruz proposed to deprive the UN of funding for anti-Israel resolutions

Сенатор Тед Круз предложил лишить ООН финансирования  из-за антиизраильской резолюции

Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz has proposed to stop financing the UN after anti-Israel resolution in the security Council. He wrote about this in his Twitter, reports the Washington Examiner

The report said that Cruz last evening called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and assured him of the strong support in Congress. Cruz also congratulated him on Hanukkah.

He added: “No us funding for UN as long as the decision is not revised”.

Spoke w/ Israeli PM @netanyahu tonight to wish him a Happy Chanukah & assure him of the strong support in Congress. No US $ for UN until reversed.

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 24, 2016

Cruz said that he, Senator Lindsay Graham and the US President-elect Donald trump will jointly work to “significantly reduce or even eliminate us funding of the UN and seriously reconsider financial support for those States who supported this resolution”.

According to Senator Cruz, UN security Council resolution regarding the settlement policy of Israel does not match the foreign policy attitudes of the United States.

About the fact that the representative of the United States refused to use its veto during the vote, Cruz said: “All officials and diplomats who participated in this process and which support a resolution, they shall immediately resign”.

We will remind, on December 23, the UN security Council adopted a resolution which stated that Israel’s building of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory “has no legal effect and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law.” It was supported by 14 members of the security Council, including Ukraine. USA, who have previously blocked such projects, abstained.

The authors of the document are Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela.

Donald trump has reacted to the resolution in the UN security Council a message that after his inauguration on January 20, “it’s all there will be different”.

After Ukraine supported the resolution, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a planned visit of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.