Sentsov wrote a new letter from prison

Сенцов написал новое письмо из колонии

Sentsov wrote a new letter

In a letter to Ukrainian Director gave instructions to the co-production of the film based on his play, and talked about the “information vacuum”.

Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov wrote a new letter from prison. On Friday, September 21, on his page on the social network Facebook said the coordinator of the Association of Women of Eurasia Tatiana Shchur.

According to her, Sentsov wrote a letter back on September 17. It consists of two parts. In the first the Director gives specific instructions to the co-production of the film based on his play Room.

“The second part… About health in General writes. Basically says that he does not have enough specific information,” said Schur.

Sentsov said that he is not enough, not “Ohoven and poisonous substances” that he gets 90 percent of the letters, and specific information about events that occur in the world around Ukrainian prisoners and around the objectives of his hunger strike.

“He is in a complete information vacuum. TV, and it got destroyed”, – told about the letter. Schoor.

Also, the Ukrainian Director spoke about the emails received from different people. The Director asked me to forgive him, if he seem to someone too sharp.

On the eve of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a draft resolution concerning the application to the Nobel Committee for nomination of Oleg Sentsov for the Nobel peace prize.

As you know, Sentsov was on a hunger strike on 14 may 2018.


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