Separatists detained two people on PPC

Сепаратисты задержали двух человек на КПВВ

In the morning, two men were detained at the PPC and sent to the office. Now worked Donetsk, now work out other parts of the ORDO.

On Sunday morning, 2 September, the separatists detained two men at the control points of entry and exit on the boundary line and sent them to the office. This was announced by the representative of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights Pavlo lysyansky, reports UKRINFORM.

“This morning two men were detained and sent to the office. Now “worked” Donetsk, now work out other parts of the ORDO, so that, as they say, “catch the spies”. This is because they work,” he said.

Lisyansky said that now all KPVV the influx of people has decreased because “people want to stay home and try not to go anywhere”.

“Men are usually sent to the local commandant’s office, there to more thoroughly inspect and “recommended” to go or not to go. I can not speak about the number of detainees, they can be much more. This morning was the demarcation line and I was informed the locals of at least two of the detainees”, – said the representative of the Ombudsman.

Earlier lysyansky, citing its own sources reported that uncontrolled Donetsk separatists detained 14 people, accusing them of plotting the assassination of its leader Alexander Zakharchenko. Four detainees under torture confessed to the cooperation with Ukraine.

Recall, August 31, in the center of Donetsk during the explosion in the restaurant, Separable was mortally wounded head “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko.

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