Separatists LC gave icons of the Russian soldier

Сепаратистам ЛНР подарили иконы российского солдата

The prayer before the icon

The images with the image of the Russian soldier, who in 1996 killed the Chechen separatists, handed out to honor the separatists of the LC.

In LPR, the Russian guards brought icon”with a picture of a Russian soldier Evgeny Rodionov, who fought and was killed in Chechnya in 1996. It is reported by blogger Denis Kazan.

The icon was solemnly given to the border units of the separatists. And the clergy of the Lugansk diocese of the UOC-MP on this occasion chanted a prayer.

“They really painted icon Russian soldier who went to Chechnya on Yeltsin’s orders to kill Chechens. This is blatant sectarianism. There is even Maria Devi Christos has a rest”, – said Kazansky.

The blogger also pointed to the apparent absur in the logic of the separatists:

“The most amazing thing is that it does not fit into any logic. After all, the soldier carried out the order of Yeltsin to restore constitutional order and fought against the Chechen militia. That is, from the point of view of supporters of the LDNR was just a Punisher. (…) Rodionov actually defended the territorial integrity of his country and fought against the separatists. A Lugansk border guards our country just betrayed themselves and sided with the separatists,” wrote Kazan.

Earlier, Russia gave LC a six-meter cross.