Serdinov: Now on the swim team one leader is Michael Romanchuk

Сердинов: Сейчас в команде пловцов один лидер - это Михаил Романчук

Michael Romanchuk

Famous Ukrainian swimmer Andrey Serdinov commented for the results of the European championship in swimming.

The European championship on swimming has ended for Ukraine’s four medals, three of which account for Michael Romanchuk. This is one medal less than in the past the European championship 2016.

To comment on the results, we asked ex-national team coach, three-time European champion, winner of world Champions and Olympic games Andrew Serdinov.

For our sailing, in which it is located, four medals at the European Championships is a good result?

I will say that you successfully made Michael Romanchuk, but the distance 50 butterfly is not Olympic and has no great value in preparation for the Olympic games. Our main goal is the Olympics.

– In fact, compared to the last CHE in 2016 progress Michael Romanchuk, Andrei Govorov plus-minus has remained at the same level, but Zevin regressed. What can You say about the leaders of the team?

In my opinion, now the team has one leader is Michael Romanchuk. And a few young athletes who grow up in their results at the Olympic distance. Other leading athletes reduced their performance for various reasons. In my opinion, the problem is not only the leaders, the athletes in the team, now generally there is no leader of the whole team. As far as I know that coach at the moment, and it is certainly not going to benefit the team.

– When You were coach, you talked about the need to tighten youth. Now there’s the Lads, Shevchuk, Yu, Frolov, but they are not progressing very quickly. In your opinion, what is the reason for the lack of growth of those who have, and the lack of those who could replace?

– These athletes are already not young, but old enough and experienced athletes. Results in the Championships of Ukraine, in my opinion, has reached critical results. Young reserve just can’t see.

I’m not aware of how to prepare the team now. Sure, they have hundreds of reasons to justify their results, usually on it’s all great masters. I think that in General, the system of preparation of sportsmen very much behind from world leaders, and this question is not even working conditions, it is important that the head and heart. We lived in the Dorm at training camp without heating, the food has always left much to be desired. Only when we were given the results of the world level. To change this… I think this will only happen when there’s a completely new and young team which will start from the beginning.

If good, Romanchuk and Dialects – a nuggets or is it the result of hard work? You probably are familiar with us, crossed, and saw the potential.

– Of course the guys are very capable, Michael’s a hard worker and does a lot of work. His statement is correct hard work his coach Peter Nagorny and Michael. My opinion about Andrew is that he has not yet revealed their potential. It is necessary to prepare the Olympic disciplines. Everything else is empty.

Actually, as a coach, saw any new trends in the European championship that might have surprised you?

– The championship of Europe in General, as has always been full of intrigue and novelty, everything is predictable and expected. Surprised an athlete from Germany in the 1,500 freestyle (Florian Wellbrock – approx), the rest – in a well-oiled operation.

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