Sergey Bubka – 55 years. How he became the king of heaven

Сергею Бубке - 55 лет. Как он стал царем небес

Sergey Bubka many years remained the strongest athlete

Ukrainian athlete-athlete in pole vaulting slat first man to overcome a height of six meters. A total of 35 times Bubka broke the world record.

The legend of the Soviet and Ukrainian sport, six-time world champion in the pole vault of Sergey Bubka on December 4 marks 55 years.

Among the sporting achievements of athlete originally from Lugansk has a record that is still unbeaten. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Mr. Record

Sergey Bubka was born in 1963 in a military family in Voroshilovgrad, the current Lugansk. Even at a young age manifested his talent. Bubka recalled that his career began at the age of ten years, dabbled in football, basketball, “in all that we have to.”

“Then I came to athletics and chose pole vaulting,” said the athlete.

Later he moved to Donetsk, where he was offered the best conditions for training. In 1983 he went to Helsinki for his first world championship in Athletics, to gain experience in the international arena.

But voshedshaya star Soviet sport soared to 5.7 meters and won.

“My victory was a surprise for everyone and especially for myself,” – said Bubka.

Сергею Бубке - 55 лет. Как он стал царем небесFirst win of Sergei Bubka / Getty

In 1984 the competition in Bratislava Bubka began his series of world records. Taking the height of 5.85, he became the “king of heaven”.

“I had a desire and understanding of how to force your body to produce the desired movement. Another component of my success – hard work, daily work, discipline,” explained the athlete.

Again became world champion in 1987 and then a further four Championships of the world. The last was in 1997 in Athens.

The name of Sergei Bubka inscribed in the Golden pages of the history of athletics, a total of 35 times he was a world record.

21 Feb 1993 Sergei Bubka set a world record figure of 6.15 meters. The Ukrainian has reached this high level in Donetsk in the tournament pole vault Stars.

Then Sergei Bubka became the first athlete in the world who managed to conquer a six-meter height. Only in 2014 was broken this record Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie have a height of 6.16 meters.

Bubka congratulated the Frenchman with a victory and a new achievement, and also admitted, would never have believed that his record will be able to hold out that long.

“I am surprised that my record lasted 21 years. In that moment, when he set a record, I thought you can jump much higher,” he said.

During his long career Bubka managed to jump over six meters 44 times. Bubka also called “man-bird” and “Mr. record”.

“During my career I have achieved several outstanding results. It is difficult to identify the best. However, I will say that the hardest thing from a sporting point of view was to win Olympic gold,” said the athlete.

Bubka had to only win Olympic gold. 25 years of age he came to Seoul.

Following his tactics, Bubka took to the track at the end of the list. The height that he had to take, were of 5.70. He took it at the second attempt. He then took of 5.75, and 5.85 5,80. Then it was the turn of 5.90. The first two attempts failed.

Remained the third jump – or medal or fourth place. Bubka took a longer pole, which is much harder to manage, but his tactic worked and brought him victory and a medal.

“Of course, for me one Olympic medal is not enough” – said the athlete.

However, the next three Olympic games, becoming in the eyes of the world the strongest athlete in the history of the jumps in the sixth to defeat him failed.

Сергею Бубке - 55 лет. Как он стал царем небес

Bubka, vozrosla 37 years and retired from her sports career. In 1999, he became one of ten athletes who as a result of reorganization of the IOC, became part of the Committee’s athletes of the club “immortal”.

In the zero Bubka went into politics. Became the people’s Deputy from the faction of the For a United Ukraine, then moved to the Party of regions. In April 2010, became adviser to former President Viktor Yanukovych.


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