Series of smartphones Huawei Y: the maximum capacity, low price

Серия смартфонов Huawei Y: максимум возможностей, минимум цены

Ukraine has a new budget series smartphone models Huawei Y7 Prime, Prime Y6, Y6 and Y5.

All mobile phone users can be divided into 3 categories:

– those who buy the latest and the most expensive flagships;
– those who are indifferent to technology and the appearance of the device;
– those who are looking for the right combination of features at an affordable price.

Smartphone manufacturers forget that it is the latter, but not the first category of buyers is the most numerous. And that these consumers also want to use the latest technological developments, but without loss to the wallet. Huawei has changed the situation and has released a new budget series smartphone Huawei Y, which boasts the most eye-catching features are not available to all devices higher price category.

The right choice

Many familiar situation when the phone has 2 slots, and I want to insert a memory card and two SIM cards to simultaneously enjoy the benefits of their tariffs. Series Huawei Y put an end to the torment of choice: all models have 3 card slots – two nanoSIM and one microSD, and in addition, supports 4G mobile communication. By the way, Huawei is actively involved in the deployment of 4G networks in Ukraine. The company is cooperating with all operators in the country. Huawei has been in the country a research center, which deals with developments in the field of telecommunications. Extensive global experience in this area was reflected in its devices: smartphones, Huawei is really a “catch” bond better than others.

Size matters

The usability of the smartphone has always been a priority of Huawei, and the new series a striking confirmation. Models feature a large (from 5.45 to 5.99 inches) displays Huawei FullView c ratio 18:9 for enhanced comfort. The split screen feature allows simultaneous use of two applications (for example, to check email and watch video). With one hand to adjust the size of the working area, and a special floating button called navigation dock is a handy analogue to the navigation panel (buttons at the bottom of the screen).

Latest software

Like many expensive smartphones, model Y series is equipped with a proprietary user interface EMUI 8.0 8.0 based on Android., and Huawei Y5 – the latest versions 8.1 and Android EMUI 8.1. Shell EMUI allows you to maximize your phone’s performance by using machine learning algorithms Huawei, which studied the habits and needs of the user and optimize the operation of the device.

Adaptable flash and dual camera

Another feature, which first became available in the budget segment, dual camera (model Y7 Prime). Two photo sensor 13 and 2 MP, guarantee excellent quality and good detail shots. A nice bonus is the ability to create bokeh effect, which artistically blur the background of a picture that is often inherent in professional photography.Fans of selfi will appreciate the configurable flash front-facing camera all devices from the line. Automatically estimating the illumination face, it adjusts the brightness level and gives a soft illumination, making self-portraits turn out the most natural and beautiful.

Better privacy

The smartphone is equipped with the ability to unlock the screen using face recognition, and model Prime Y6, Y7 Prime – and even a thumbprint scanner. For the first time on the market, even the budget model, the recommended price is UAH 3400, equipped with unlock “in the face”. Among the additional security features – lock application. The selected application can be locked, after which it is activated only when entering the password.
In the era of “smart” technology should be rational and value for the optimal set of features smartphones. Introducing the Y series, Huawei introduces a new trend on the available options that will appeal (and wallet) wide range of consumers.