Servant of the people took the best seats in the house are Happy

Слуга народа забрала лучшие места в зале Рады

The party will occupy the front half of the hall in front of the podium, and control passes to the rostrum, the speaker and his government.

The party is the Servant of the people, which according to the results of the elections formed monopolist in Parliament, occupied all the front rows in front of the podium, thereby pushing the other faction back. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda on Tuesday, August 20.

Such Seating has become the innovation of the Servants of the people, as before fraction most left ahead of the sector for minority and sat so that representatives of all political forces have access to the podium.

Слуга народа забрала лучшие места в зале Рады


With this solution the Servant of the people will receive a number of benefits: during television broadcasts of the Ukrainians will see mostly “public servants” since the cameras focus on the front rows; the other faction will not be able to block a tribune, because they will resist the representatives of monopolista; under the “protection” Servants of the people also be the speaker, the bed of the government, the place of the President during his visit to the Parliament.

We will remind that earlier the servant of the people allocated places on committees: party ignored the decision of the first meeting of the preparatory group and independently decided how many deputies in each Committee of the new Parliament.

It was also reported that a servant of the people decided on the speaker of Parliament.

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