“Servants of the people” refused to pay for pressing buttons

"Слуги народа" отказались от зарплаты из-за кнопкодавства

The time of pressing buttons to Sergei Litvinenko

Convicted of future MPs of the majority party apologized and promised to give a month’s salary to charity.

MPs from the faction of the servant of the people Sergey Litvinenko and Elena Kohanchuk apologized for pressing buttons and refused the monthly salary.

“I want to apologize for what happened, in my actions there was no intent. It was all in turbo mode, it turned out wrongly, because I was worried that for these laws we have voted as told me heart and soul,” said Litvinenko at the Parliament session on Thursday, September 12.

He promised to transfer monthly salary to charities.

His example was followed by Kohanchuk.

Before that, the name of the faction apologized the Deputy Chairman of the servant of the people, Alexander Kornienko.

Note, during the Parliament of the ninth convocation recorded three cases of pressing buttons. The first violation caught MP mazhoritarshchik-independent candidates of the Donetsk region Alexander Kovaleva.


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