Service record Likarni celebrates second anniversary

Сервис записи Likarni отмечает двухлетие

On 19 October, the draft is two years old. About yourself and about the creation of the project said General Director of “Liburnica” Kravchenko Kirill. History project Lekarni part of life, woven into the biography.

How to grow startups

Learning always came easily — the regional and city Olympic games as entertainment, art schools, Latin dance and Sambo for the soul. All first excellent in all directions. Children’s dream is to become a surgeon-cardiologist. However, the logical structure of thinking and the love of physics determined the choice of the Institute. In the KNU named after V. N. Karazin trained by the best physicists in Kharkov. Was chosen specialization “Theoretical physics”. Cyril more of a theorist than a practitioner, so do not become a medic. Last year he decided to try himself in the field of programming — it and liked it, since then, programming has become an integral part of life.

“After defending my dissertation for me a turning point — I had to choose — to stay in science or leave. My supervisor and colleagues at the Institute taught me a lot, however, to pursue science in Ukraine is like riding a tricycle when other countries are racing on the car. I could go abroad, but was not ready”.

In 2012, Cyril left his beloved science and Ftint to fully immerse yourself in the world of web. Then, at the age of 27, he was in charge of the web Studio of 6 employees with dozens of sites of different complexity in the portfolio.

Many of the projects were implemented jointly with his younger brother, Kirill Artem. With the difference in age is only 1 year, they life side by side.


“One of the customers in Moscow, which implemented many projects, ordered the implementation of health website-ladogeneratory, “turnkey” — from design to admin difficult. It was the beginning of Medbooking that received investments from the Fund Adventure”.

On the background of a long and successful collaboration Cyril became technical Director of the project. The staff increased to 45 employees. From Kharkov worked on copyright, content, SEO, layout, programming and UX.
Worked Meducine actually family — spouse Cyril Allen, Artem with his wife Elena, the younger brother of Dmitri. The project one after the other rounds of competition in the market and over 2.5 years of work with the 16-th place among ladogeneratory Moscow climbed to 2nd.

“The work gave great experience and knowledge, in spite of disagreements, arguments and other negative aspects at the time, I’m glad to have worked with each of my colleagues on the project”.

After leaving the project, was founded a new startup — Ukrainian ladogeneratory “Liburnica”. They themselves created — Cyril the middle brother and their wives.

Likarni: startup from scratch

“The first few months to remember the sad and funny — what to do from a technical point of view, we knew thoroughly, and here is how to sign Contracts, to create a call center, writing scripts — it’s all been a revelation. The first calls from patients confused, the first failure clinics, nerves and perseverance… We were insanely tired, because I made all four of us in a small uncomfortable office for the money 12 hours a day.”

Six months later, after running startup Lekarnicka received investments and the prospect of development not only in Ukraine but also in other CIS countries.

“To obtain investments in the project — how to get the medal weighs 5 kg. This recognition abilities, confidence and responsibility at the same time.”


Now the company Likarni employs 40 people.
At the time of investment, the website received:
• traffic of 25 000 unique users per month;
• 100 hits per day;
• 6 employees.
In parallel, under the leadership of Artem Kravchenko developing the service in Moscow the spring opened the site to find employees in the medical and farmstead rabota.Likarni, plans new, interesting and useful projects.
Now the site has:
• more than 300 000 unique users per month;
• an average of 2,000 hits per day;
• 44 employees in the team.
At the moment, the project is the second largest service patient records in Ukraine and continues to develop.