Set substance, to poison the air in Crimea

Установлено вещество, отравившее воздух в Крыму

The imprint of the Russian Federation opened a case due to air pollution in Armyansk

From Armyansk evacuated about five thousand children. Urban air polluted by sulfur dioxide gas.

In the town of Armyansk in the Crimea in air sulphur dioxide. From the city took out five thousand children, said on Tuesday, September 4, Medusa, referring to the statements of local authorities.

It is noted that the first inhabitants of Armyansk felt a sharp smell on the street during the day on 25 August. On the same day, they began to complain of rashes, fever and sore throat.

In addition, the cars on the street covered like rust, but a touch oily. The same coating began appearing on appliances in the apartments. Residents of Armyansk suggested that air pollution could occur due to failures in the local titanium plant Crimean Titan.

According to the Crimea.Realities, on 29 August, three companies located near Armyansk Crimean soda plant JSC, Bromine and LLC Titan investments has declared his innocence to the emissions in the North of Crimea.

Only on 30 August in the Crimean office of Rospotrebnadzor reported that according to preliminary studies, “cause of hair loss substances are evaporation of the contents of kilocalories used by the branch of LLC Titan Investment. Loss substances contributed to the prolonged increase in the atmospheric temperature, prolonged lack of rainfall, and lowering of the water level in kislorodolechenie”.

According to the jellyfish, the next day, August 31, municipal services Armyansk spent disinfection: treated street soda solution, obezzarajivatmi school classrooms. The evacuation of children was going to take about 2.4 thousand students and 1.5 million preschoolers and first graders.

Meanwhile, the Imprint of Russia opened on the fact of the emission of harmful substances in Armyansk.

Initiated a criminal case under signs of crime under part 1 of article 247 of the criminal code (violation of rules for handling ecologically dangerous substances and a waste).

Earlier it became known that the Crimean Titan plant suspends production due to air pollution in the city Armyansk. In the preventive purposes in schools and kindergartens of Armiansk two weeks declared holidays.

On the eve it became known that in the Kherson region border guards discovered in the air of toxic chemicals. Later it was found that the presence of chemicals in the air due to emissions from the factory Titan in the Crimea.


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