Set the origin of stars-pilgrims of the milky Way

Установлено происхождение звезд-странников Млечного Пути

Scientists explained the origin of stars-pilgrims of the milky Way

According to scientists, they were in the milky Way of the next Big Magellanovo Clouds.

A group of British astronomers established the origin of stars-pilgrims – the fastest of the stars of the milky Way, as noted on the website of the University of Cambridge. The full study was published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

According to scientists, the stars fell into the milky Way from near Big Magellanovo Clouds. The authors believe that the lights were part of binary systems, but were thrown out after a supernova explosion.

Astronomers say that most of the hyperspeed stars observed in Sextans and Leo.

From the simulation results, they found that the Large Magellanic Cloud is thrown more than 10 thousand suns.

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