Sex called method of prolongation of life

Секс назвали способом продления жизни

Sex in old age called factor in prolonging life

Such conclusions scientists have analyzed the high life expectancy of residents in the South of Italy.

An international group of scientists came to the conclusion that sex is one of the ways to extend life, reports The Local. In addition, the essential factors are diet and physical activity.

Their conclusions, the experts based on the results of the analysis of the reasons for the high expectancy of people living in the South of Italy.

In particular, we studied indicators of life of the inhabitants of the city-resort of Cilento, which is located 150 kilometers South of Naples, is one of the so-called “blue zones” in the world where residents live longer.

It is reported that the average life expectancy of women in the city is 92 years old, and for men 85 years.

After analyzing the reasons for the high rate of life, experts came to the conclusion that they are associated with physical activity, eating rosemary improves brain function. And also an important health factor is the sex in old age.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that a researcher named sex one of the key threats of the colonization of Mars.