SFS warns of fake SMS from name service

ГФС предупреждает о фальшивых SMS от имени службы

Fraudsters send out SMS on behalf of GFS

This way scammers are trying to steal money.

The State fiscal service said that the scammers are sending on behalf of the SMS tax on debt. This was reported in Facebook, the customer service representative Natalia Nepryakhina.

She noted that the SFS receives information about sending SMS to the payer, which indicate the amount of “debt”, contact number and time to treatment.

“We draw the attention of payers, the SFS provides information on the status of the debt in the manner provided by applicable legislation, namely by mail,” wrote Nepryakhina.

ГФС предупреждает о фальшивых SMS от имени службы



In this regard, SFS recommends to beware of the scams.

“On the occasion of inform by sending SMS message with private rooms or with shortcodes (example from number 777) that is the cheapest and most common way, it is a means to commit fraudulent acts aimed at illicit enrichment a crime, by receiving the amount designated as payment of tax debts”, — said the employee of GFS.

Recall, the police detained participants of an organized criminal group, who directed more than UAH 10 million with Bank cards of Ukrainians.