Shabanov: the Dynamo I would like to take squad number 13

Шабанов: В Динамо мне бы хотелось взять игровой номер 13

Artem Shabanov

Advocate Artem Shabanov shared his emotions from the transition to Dynamo.

Rookie Dynamo Kiev, Artem Shabanov gave his first interview as the player of the capital club, in which he said that did not believe in the transition to the Kyivan club, and told what number he wants to speak.

“Frankly, I’m so happy to go to Dinamo. Was on vacation and didn’t fully believe that the transition will be realized. Dynamo is my dream since childhood, when I was a kid, worked in a club school. I feel a great desire to try myself in this club and to show their abilities. Very thankful to have been invited here.

Khatskevich called and asked if I wanted to try Dynamo. I replied that I have a huge desire, but on what to me claims that are the subject of conversation was not. For sure, count on me as a Central defender, but the details, I think we will discuss later. In Volyn played the position of left back and defensive midfielder. Where the coach sees fit, there is play. But her favorite place is the centre of the defence.

I would like to take squad number 13, however, still don’t know if he’s available. I’m not superstitious, always played under this number. Only Steel I had to change 13-a-Boo because she was busy. And in the Olympic under 13-m played Artem kichak, so I picked the 15th. Dynamo 15th seems to be too busy,” said Shabanov.

Earlier it was reported that Shabanov has signed a four year contract with Dynamo Kiev.

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