Shabliy – Yarmolenko: the Premier League is worthy of your ambitions

Шаблий - Ярмоленко: АПЛ достойна твоих амбиций

Andriy Yarmolenko and Vadim Shabliy

The agent of Andriy Yarmolenko commented on his debut for West ham.

Football agent Ukrainian midfielder West ham Andriy Yarmolenko Vadim Shabliy congratulated him on his debut in an official match.

“Yesterday Andriy Yarmolenko made his debut in the Premier League for West ham. The result of the match, of course, not in favor of your team, but the first step has been taken. Andrew, congratulations on your debut. This is probably the best League in the world and it is worthy of your ambition,” wrote Shabliy on the page in Instagram.

West ham devastating lost to Liverpool (4:0) in match of the first round of the championship of England. He Yarmolenko commented on his game in the match against Liverpool.

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