Shakhtar coach: “Tomorrow we will see beautiful football, without losing any ambition”

Главный тренер Шахтера: "Завтра мы увидим красивый футбол, не теряя никаких амбиций"

Paulo Fonseca

Shakhtar coach Portuguese coach Paulo Fonseca has shared his expectations from tomorrow’s match of the fifth round of the group stage of the Champions League against Konyaspor.

The Portuguese coach said that the match tomorrow will use the squad rotation. In addition, Paulo Fonseca has promised entertaining football played by his team.

“Rotation in tomorrow’s match? Hello. Of course, guaranteed first place allows us to do some rotation, which I do. Of course, a few players, not many showed themselves in the Europa League, I’ll give you the opportunity to participate in this tournament. However, tomorrow we will see beautiful football, without losing any ambition.

Ready Stepanenko? It is clear that I can’t tell you everything. Tomorrow will see. Taras is with us now, will train. View.

Why did you come to Fred and Bernard? I know it’s not exactly an ordinary situation. But, as Dentinho is superexpert in press conferences, they decided to come look at it and maybe learn something.

Azevedo? You all know that Marcio missed quite a long period. He gradually returns to training with us. But I can say for sure: not the time has come to go tomorrow. He still needs some time.

Konyaspor? Despite our victory in Turkey, we have had problems with this team. She’s just a great organization of defense. I also note that the opponent is strong output to the counter. Given what I’ve seen, Konyaspor progressing with every match and will meet with us after two wins in the Turkish League. We will leave with only one desire – to win. And have respect for them, knowing that easy will not match.

Tactical experiments? No, I think the difference you see. Perhaps there are some players who do not often come out on the field in this tournament. But our ideas did not change. All these months the style has remained the same, ambitions the team did not become less, and tomorrow will be the same,” said Fonseca.

The match of the fifth round of the group stage of the Europa League between Shakhtar and Konyaspor will take place tomorrow at arena Lviv. The match will start at 20:00 Kyiv time.

The same news on the head coach of Shakhtar: “Tomorrow we will see beautiful football, without losing any ambition”

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