Shakhtar – Sevilla 2:2 Online stream match of the Europa League

Шахтер - Севилья 2:2 Онлайн трансляция матча Лиги Европы

Shakhtar vs Sevilla Online stream of Europa League match

Miner with Sevilla will play April 28 in the match of 1/2 final of the Europa League. Read online broadcast of the match Shakhtar – Sevilla which will start at 22:05

Shakhtar – Sevilla 2 : 1

Goal: Taras Stepanenko (36), Marlos (23) – Vitolo (6)

Miner: Primary: Andriy Pyatov, Darijo Srna, Oleksandr Kucher, Yaroslav Rakitskiy, Ismaily And Taras Stepanenko, Viktor Kovalenko, Maksym Malyshev, Taison, Marlos, Facundo Ferreyra, Coach: Mircea Lucescu, Subs Not Used: Eduardo, Wellington Nem, Bernard

Seville: Principal: David Soria, Mariano Ferreira, Adil Rami, Daniel Carriço, Sergio Escudero, Grzegorz Krychowiak, Steven N’zonzi, Vitolo, Ever Banega, Yevhen Konoplyanka, Kevin Gameiro (Paris St Germain Coach: Unai Emery, Subs Not Used: Michael Krohn-Dehli, Koke,

1: the Match started.

2: Seville to actively start a match, wins a corner, but Banega takes in the hands of Pyatov.

3: Linnet took the game over on the flank, he was met at once five players of Shakhtar.

6: GOOOOL! Sevilla opens an account. Gameiro gives to Vitolo, who calmly ran into the penalty area, takes on the backswing Rakitskiy and punches between the legs of Pyatov. 0:1

8: Dangerous three players Seville ran to our gate, but the Coachman caught the ball.

12: Shaher tried to pass the right flank, but there were a lot of players and the ball went in the hotel.

14: Rakitskiy’s free-kick struck considerably above gate.

15: Kovalenko gave to Tyson, he was given closer to the penalty area for Stepanenko, but Mariano intercepts the ball and he flies into the hands of Soria.

17: Linnet deceptive skipped Srna and filed in the penalty area, but there first on the ball from Rakitskiy.

18: After filing ismaily Krychowiak at the last moment took the ball from the feet of Ferreyra.

18: Marlos shot from distance into the hands of Soria.

20: Srna drilled a dangerous cross into the penalty area, but Konoplyanka’s tackle broke the pass – the ball goes for a corner.

21: Himself Srna delivered a cross from a corner, but is caught in the Linnet.

23: GOOOOL! Rakoczi great with the kick he gave to Marlos, who was himself on the penalty. The Brazilian has moved closer with Soria and shot past the goalkeeper. 1:1

27: Escudero on the flank of defence crashed at his feet Srna.

30: Tyson from the penalty line dangerous twisted into the far corner – the ball flew just wide of the post.

31: Marlos beat Carissa and gave taison, but well ahead of Mariano.

34: a miner takes the initiative in these moments, more attacking players of the Ukrainian team.

36: GOOOL! After a corner Marlos delivers into the box, where Stepanenko head hammers the ball under the crossbar. 2:1

37: On courage Shakhtar went ahead, and Tyson, prostrelivaya, hit the leg of Ferreira.

38: Coachman lodged in the hands of Soria.

40: carriço tried in the penalty area of Shakhtar to break the fall by himself, but was hit in the head Malyshev. Dangerous game from the captain of Sevilla in this game.

43: Tyson twice in a row very well conceived the transfer, but gives the partner a wide.

45: Two minutes compensated by the referee in the first half.

45+1: Konoplyanka ran from Malysheva and Stepanenko and filed for Gameiro – the ball from the net.

45+2: the First half ended. Shakhtar will win 2:1

46: second half Began.

47: Krychowiak elbow played against Kovalenko in the midfield.

48: Rami with his penalty made a mistake and podarila Stepanenko, Taras but failed to submit.

51: Marlos is conceived to give to Tyson, but N’zonzi interrupts the flight of the ball.

53: miner gave the initiative Seville.

54: Konoplyanka drilled a dangerous cross for Gameiro, but Rakitskiy to the ball first.

55: Pyatov failed to take the ball after hitting Banega – round goes for a corner.

56: Konoplyanka takes the corner in the hands of Pyatov.

59: Substitution of Seville: Konoplyanka is leaving the field – Krohn-Dehli in his place.

60: N’zonzi breaks through his head just over the bar.

61: After hitting Marlos ball falls into the hands of Rami, but the referee does not award a penalty.

62: Krohn-Dehli strikes through the center of the goal in the hands of Pyatov.

64: cool Kucher took the ball, gave it to Marlos, but he delayed the shot, and fired wide.

67: Calmed down a little game. Do such teams score in the match?

70: Facundo Ferreyra slightly picked up Krohn-Dehli and Dane only using the machine leaves the field.

72: Substitution of Seville: Krohn-Dehli changes Koke.

75: Gameiro sends the ball into the net gate Pyatov, Kucher and Rakitskiy ahead, but the judges fixed the offside.

77: Kucher doesn’t reach transfer to Gameiro, the striker of Sevilla punched in the top corner, but his header is off.

78: Srna drilled a dangerous cross into the penalty area of Seville, but nobody responded.

80: empty gate the Coachman knocks the ball after a dangerous cross from Gameiro on.

81: Vitolo easily breaks into Shakhtar penalty area on the backswing removes Ferreyra, but the Argentine touches the opponent a penalty.

82: GOOOL! Gameiro breaks in the center, while Pyatov fell from the left corner.

85: miner a little wilted at the end of the match.

88: Rakytskyy Head was in the path of the ball after a cross from Vitolo.

89: the kid is punished for a foul on Escudero.

90: Triple substitution at Shakhtar: Eduardo Ferreyra changes

90: It comes out instead of Tyson.

90: Bernard changes Marlos.

90: Four minutes added to the first half.

90+3: the miner filed a series of corners, but it didn’t resulted.

90+5: Srna fouls Koke.

90+6: the final whistle is blown.

UEFA Europa League, 1/2 final (first leg)

Shakhtar – Sevilla

April 28, Lviv, arena Lviv. The beginning of the match: 22-05

Referee: Szymon Marciniak (Poland)

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Miner April 28, will play in the first match of 1/2 final of the Europa League. The Pitmen’s opponents at this stage of the tournament will be the Spanish Seville.

Recall that in the 1/4 final Shakhtar Donetsk for the sum of two matches beat Braga:

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Шахтер - Севилья 2:2 Онлайн трансляция матча Лиги Европы

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