Shakhtar Vs Dynamo 2-1. Online

Шахтер - Динамо 2-1. Онлайн

The match of the Ukrainian Premier League between Shakhtar and Dynamo will take place on Saturday, November 3, in Kharkov. Watch the game online.

A match between two bitter rivals — Shakhtar (Donetsk) and Dynamo (Kyiv) will take place on Saturday, November 3, in Kharkiv at Metalist stadium in the framework of the 14th round of the championship of Ukraine.

The game kicks off at 17.00. To watch online broadcast of the match Shakhtar vs Dynamo will be on our website.

The cost of tickets (category Standard) is 40, 60, 80, 120, 150 and 200 UAH.

The referee is 38-year-old referee from the Dnieper river Vitaliy Romanov. Assistant Referees – Oleksandr Voytyuk (Zaporizhya), Sergey Bekker (Kharkiv). Fourth official – Anatoliy Abdula (Kharkiv).


Now in the standings Ukrainian Premier League, the miners stayed in first place with 34 points, Dynamo is in second, trailing by 5 points:

Шахтер - Динамо 2-1. Онлайн

Standings of the Premier League

Wards Paulo Fonseca miners went to Kharkov four days before match – 30 October, ahead of the Cup meeting with Marseille.

The Dynamo are flying to Kharkov today, November 2, and will be located in the hotel Chichikov.

Weather in Kharkiv on the day of the match

Weather in Kharkov on 3 November, the day of confrontation between Shakhtar and Dynamo will be Sunny, windless, places a cloud all day light rain. In the afternoon the air temperature will rise to +9+11 degrees in the evening falls to +5.

The night will be cold from 0 to +2 degrees.

Where to watch the match on TV

The Ukrainian Classico is the game of the 14th round of Ukrainian Premier League between Shakhtar and Dynamo – 3 Nov show live on Football 2 TV channel. In the replay game can be viewed on 4 November on TV “Football 2” at 06:25 and on the TV channel “Football 1” at 10:55.

Forecast for the match

Virtually all reputable bookmakers predict a victory of Shakhtar. For example, William Hill’s betting on the victory of miners ratio of 1.70, and on the Dynamo of 4.40. A draw in the match is estimated with a probability of 3.50.

Bookmakers of Favorite sports put on the victory of the miners of 1.70, a Dynamo – 4,65. The high rate of earnings on the draw at 4.05.

Experts PariMatch victory orange-and-black estimated 1.75. This is the maximum bet on their victory. Dynamo take bets with the index of 4.75 is also the highest coefficient of all the proposed. That the match ends in a draw – here take bets on 3,80.

Statistics of the games of Shakhtar and Dynamo

In all the years of competition, beginning in 1938, Shakhtar and Dynamo held each other 179 official meetings. With 75 five wins for the season, 51 for miners, 53 match ended in a draw.

In the period of independence of Ukraine took place the 82 match. When this tiny advantage is on Shakhtar’s side: 32 win. 31 times won Dinamo and 23 times was a draw.

In the Ukrainian competition’s biggest victories over Shakhtar Danimo the results were 4:1 and 3:0, and Dynamo over Shakhtar – 3:0. As for the Soviet times, Shakhtar won with the score 6:0 in 1950, and Dinamo with the score 5:0 in 1982.

The last three matches between Dynamo and Shakhtar in the Premier League ended with a victory “it is white-blue”. The forthcoming match will be the third confrontation this season: earlier Shakhtar and Dynamo was played between the super Cup of Ukraine (0:1), and in the first leg in Kiev, the team of Alexander Khatskevich also extracted minimal victory – 1:0.

Referee Novels, which will be the referee of the match on 3 November, in 2018 already tried the game, Dynamo and Shakhtar – may 19 with the score 2:1 defeated Kiev.

Also in 2018, he has twice been reserve referees for their other two clashes of the giants: may 9 in the river (the miners won 2:0), and on 3 August at the Olympic in Kiev (Dynamo won 1:0).

Who is more expensive

According to the portal the composition of Shakhtar Donetsk is now more expensive than the total cost of Dinamo players at 36 million euros and 103 million euros compared to 66.8 million.

The most expensive players of the Donetsk team is taison, ismaily and Marlos (11 million euros), Taras Stepanenko (10 million euros), Yaroslav Rakitskiy (8.5 million euros).

The five most expensive Dynamo players include: Victor Tsygankov (8 million Euro), che Che, Sickly, Denys Harmash (5 million euros), Benjamin, Verbic (4.5 million euros).