Shakhtar Vs Hoffenheim 2:2. Online Champions League match

Шахтер-Хоффенхайм 2:2. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов

Online stream Shakhtar vs Hoffenheim

In the first round match of the group stage of the Champions League at the stadium Metalist Shakhtar will play against the German Hoffenheim. The match will take place on 19 September at 19:55.

The miner on Wednesday, September 19, will play in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, in which the miners home stadium Metalist will play against Hoffenheim.

In the new season of the Ukrainian championship Shakhtar have lost only one match. Now he has a good opportunity to start well in the Champions League.

Hoffenheim is a bronze medalist in the Bundesliga last season, but at the beginning of the new football year, the team met the challenge. A large number of injuries received by the players from their opening three matches in the Bundesliga they have won only one.

According to bookmakers, the advantage in this confrontation on the side of the German team. will lead the text online broadcast of the match Shakhtar vs Hoffenheim. A match between two teams will start at 19:55.

Shakhtar vs Hoffenheim online stream match Корреспондент.net.


Fighting draw! Before the match, such a result would upset. But after the game, on the contrary, should rejoice. Hoffenheim was very good. Shakhtar took the shot, played twice, scored two very beautiful goals. Rejoice and one typed paragraph.


90+1 attack for Attack goes, the game is on a collision course. From last forces attack team.

90. Presses miner, Hoffenheim just bounces.

87. The last replacement did Julian, Nagelmann. Rice Nelson came on for the injured Andrei Kramaric.

83. Miner on courage, Tyson rushes forward, but his cross again, no one close.


77. A quick counterattack ended with the Hoff almost a one-on-one, but Rakitskiy fouled. Yellow card, could be red.

75. Zuber from Hoffenheim instead of Salai, and the changing Shakhtar Maicon, Alan Patrick. Newbie miners in.

73. The miner is holding the ball, but it’s sterile possession.

71. The passes with the miners, but all the casts of the Germans forward they look dangerous.

67. The prolonged attack of the miner ended with a kick-Taras Stepanenko crossbar.

66. Tyson again dispersed the attack on the left flank, a cross from Moraes has not closed.

63. Demirbay instead of Betancur – replacement.

62. Hoff earned a corner that ended a quick counter-attack by Shakhtar. Tyson stopped with a foul.

61. All the danger the miner from the left flank. There ismaily and now Tyson. Now Shakhtar captain gave to the defender, but the shot from ismaily failed.

58. Tyson at breakneck speed passed half the field, but spoiled all inaccurate transmission Moraes, would be better if he played himself.

57. Kovalenko came on for Bolbat. Tyson will move to the left flank.

53. Alan Patrick fouled right outside the penalty area. Kramaric, with the standard charges above.

50. A long shot from Kramerica dragged Pyatov, and following Golindano failed.


Hoffenheim is very good. The miner for the entire time the attack is in fact not created. Gol ismaily – the result of his individual actions. You need to add miners in the second half!


45. Yellow card for Junior Moraes, who in optional situations fouled in the attack.

42. Maybe a little underestimated the miners range from modest Hoff? Or away really that good?

40. Long shot of Cramerica – by.

38. GOOOOOOOL!!! And scored the Hoff! Wildest bringing the net! Went out for a corner, before the ball got Nordtveit easy shot into the empty net. 1:2!

37. The MOMENT the Hoff! A great combination on the wing and feeding on Betancuria, which has run into the penalty area and was beaten without interference. Lucky directly in the hands of Pyatov!

33. Very intensivnyi match. Shakhtar tries to equalize the game.

30. Tyson ran to the counter and was shot down by Grilliches. The first yellow card in the match.

29. Immediately the most dangerous moment of the guests! Robinton were shot essentially the same point as Ismali, but Pyatov covered the strike.

28. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!! ISMAILY!!!!!!! All by myself made Brazilian! Got the ball was on the flank, moved to the center of the box and outside of the foot shot by Baumann! 1:1!

27. The first serious moment of the miner. Filing Rakitskiy, Stepanenko to head the ball just over the crossbar.

22. Very difficult apenic today the miners. Guests play tenacious, organized, easy to bring the ball into attack.

21. Another corner for the Hoff. The miner with the flow to cope.

19. A protracted attack of miner, produced by Tyson, law in a cross from Butko, which was interrupted by Baumann.

18. Marlos scored the ball into the void. The attack of the miner and over.

16. Yet the moment the Hoff and again it’s very simple. Salai did not notice Rakitskiy and cut from inside the penalty area – Pyatov made a save.

15. Bolbat took the ball from the free kick, played a good pass to ismaily, who drilled a cross into the hands of Baumann.

12. Oliver Baumann had to correct the error the players of Hoffenheim and pass the ball almost from the defensive zone. Could be dangerous.

8. This beginning of the match, the miners did not expect. While beidane rolled the ball they are.

7. Thoroughfare in the center of the field at the miner’s led to a goal.

6. GOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!! HOFFENHEIM! Beautiful attack of the Germans, the break right in the center and quite easy to score in the performance! Florian Grillitsch went one on one and beautifully transferred from Pyatov! 0:1

4. Hoffenheim earned the first corner of the match, Pyatov rushed out and cleared the danger.

2. Offside from Salai, and could be dangerous.

1. The miner starts the match with ball possession. And Stepanenko falls on a line with the Central defenders to play the ball.


Hoffenheim, by the way, first time playing in the group stage of the Champions League.

On paper, the miner, of course, have to beat the provincial Germans. Will see how it works out on the field.


Shakhtar Donetsk Pyatov, Khocholava, Ismaily, Butko, Rakitskiy, Stepanenko, Alan Patrick, Taison, Marlos, Bolbat, Moraes.

Hoffenheim – Baumann, Paul, Vogt, Nordtveit, Schultz, Grillitsch, Betancur, Kaderabek, Kramaric, Robinton, Salai.

Shakhtar Donetsk to Kharkiv will start a new draw of the Champions League. First opponent – a modest Hoffenheim.