Sharan: would have Told us before that we will reach the semi-finals – would not believe

Шаран: Сказали бы нам перед началом, что дойдем до полуфинала – не поверил бы

Volodymyr Sharan

Coach Alexandria participated in the post-match press conference

“Today, Shakhtar on the class beat our team. We therefore, in principle, happy with the way we played in the Cup tournament this season. Would have told us before the season that we will reach the semi-finals and the first match will play against Shakhtar in a 1-1 draw, nobody would believe it. And we, too! Thank you very much guys, we are grateful to them! Worked as I could. Shakhtar is Shakhtar Donetsk, and Donetsk is proved today.

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I don’t want to judge the refereeing, honestly! Because there were cases when I was asked-asked, and then had to say, I will not evaluate. There are experts, let them do it.

We were going to at least not miss. Understood that the chances of a miner will be a lot, but still tried to make a “zero”. Ahead and relied on quick counterattacks and standard positions. But we were missing some players. Worked on standards for training, after all, with such a rival, it was necessary to squeeze the maximum. Unfortunately, nothing happened. Although the tension was maintained until the end of the meeting where, risked, after all, played the second half with two forwards, but still chances at the gate of the miner did not have”, – quotes Vladimir Sharan official website of the miner.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Shakhtar beat Alexandria and reached the final of the Ukrainian Cup.

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