Shaternikova: Fight with First showed, what you need to work the Mustache

Шатерникова: Бой с Бриедисом показал, над чем нужно работать Усику

Alina Shaternikova

Former world champion Alina Shaternikova commented on the victory of Alexander Usik over mairis Briedis by.

Vice-President of the League of professional Boxing of Ukraine Alina Shaternikova summed up the fight the Tendril – Thriller, in which the Ukrainian won by decision.

“Very good fight, every round was decided. I was even surprised mairis Briedis I thought it will be good, but it was very good. At first, he was clearly ahead of Moustache, which was late to the action.

The final Alexander need to be better, not show attack that sees opponent, and add in the protective action. Do the first rounds were not the best for Moustache, he had to get used to the opponent. I looked into the eyes of the Fans, they were full of concentration and confidence. I think that with such a Moustache not yet encountered, the hook, of course, was much weaker.

Is it possible for Cirrus to deliver a knockout punch? I don’t think we should try to come up with something new, and to change the long-established boxer. You need to bring to perfection the good qualities that he has. This fight showed what and how much you need to work to win the world Boxing the super series” – quoted by Alina Shaternikova

CEO of the promotion company K2 Promotions Ukraine Alexander Krasyuk commented on the victory of his client.

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