Shatskikh: Return Guseva is a huge plus for all

Шацких: Возвращение Гусева - огромный плюс для всех

Maksim Shatskikh

Coach of Dynamo Kiev Maksim Shatskikh commented on the return of Oleg Gusev in the team.

“I’m sure Alexander Khatskevich made the right decision, Gusev returned to the team. Oleg could and still can bring many benefits to Dynamo Kiev as a football field, and in everyday life. Gusev is a legend of the club, his signing is a big plus for our team. His experience and desire to play will certainly help Dynamo in the future, especially in the qualifying matches of the Champions League. Oleg can bring to life those our coaching ideas, which we will require. You may even be able to uncover some new potential.

Frankly, I was surprised that the news that Gusev is leaving Dinamo. Even after replacing it showed the level of football that was required of him.

I’m playing Oleg watched live at the stadium and on TV. As for me, the failed matches. He consistently played at his level. I am sure that the advent of competition will only increase — will rise and other players. When one player on his position, back when no one is running out, progress to hard. Again, the return Guseva is a huge plus for everyone,” said Shatskikh in the comments

Earlier it was reported that Oleg Gusev returned to Dynamo

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