Shatskikh: Zozulya should be punished is fair, but not cruel

Шацких: Зозулю надо наказать по-справедливому, но не жестоко

Shatskikh expects fair punishment for zozuli

Ex-player of Dynamo Maksym Shatskykh shared his opinion about the controversial incident involving Dnipro striker Roman Zozulya.

“Of course, Roman Zozulya had no right to behave this way, his actions are no excuses. He needs to receive punishment for their actions. But disqualification for a year or a year and a half is too much. So you can kill the career of a talented football player,” – said Shatsky.

“I know Zozulya. He is very emotional and impulsive. I couldn’t resist after the referee awarded a goal kick. In my opinion, a fictional free-kick. And still you didn’t have to react on actions of the referee,” said the former player.

“Zozulya should be punished is fair, but not cruel. Novel now reproaches himself, for he understands that he made a mistake,” – said Shatsky.

Note that Zozulya shocked by the information that can be suspended for 12 months.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that dawn defeated Dnipro with the score 2:0 and reached the final of the Ukrainian Cup. After the final whistle Roman Zozulya hit the referee of the match and then began a scuffle between the players.

It is reported that not yet issued an official verdict, it was decided to suspend these players from the games of the Dnieper. A meeting of the FTC FFU, which will take a final decision on these players, will take place on may 18.

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