Shelves half-filled Ukrainian production – state statistics service

Прилавки наполовину заполнены украинской продукцией - Госстат

In Ukraine, lack of fruit of the domestic production

Most Ukrainians buy domestic eggs, bakery products, sugar, meat and oil. Less – fruits and nuts.

In 2018, the share of sales of domestic products amounted to 53.2%, among the food products of 81.4% among non-food items is 31.7%. This is evidenced by the state service statistics.

Among food products the largest share in sales is the eggs of domestic production (99,2%) and bakery products (97,4%).

Further, in terms of the share sales go sugar – 96,9%, meat and poultry, butter – 96,5%, animal fats – 95,4%, flour and juices to 94.7%, soft drinks – 94.1 per cent.

Vodka and distillery products domestic production occupy 67.9% of wine – 57,6%, cognac – 77.1% of all sales.

Ukraine does not have enough domestic fruits, berries, grapes, nuts, which account for only 36.5 percent of consumption.

Among non-food products a leader in the production of the Ukrainian manufacture are categories such as agricultural raw materials (100%), household liquid fuel oil, bottled gas, coal and wood for heating (88,1%) and books, Newspapers, magazines (79.7 per cent).

Note the volume of imports in Ukraine exceeded exports for several years. So, two months 2019 Ukraine sold goods of 7.95 billion dollars. For the year this figure increased by almost 8%. The import in January-February amounted to $8.72 billion. This is 7.6% higher than a year earlier.


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