Shevchenko: Dynamo for Superagi is an advance

Шевченко: Динамо для Супряги - это аванс

Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko commented on the transfer of a young Vladislav Sprage in Dynamo.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko believes that the challenge of rookie Dynamo Vladislav Sprage the team will be an additional load, which the young player is not needed.

“I have information about each young player having more or less defined qualities to become a good football player. For him this advance, he got into a good club in good hands. Before him now appears the Ukrainian League. I hope Dynamo get into the Champions League. He has the opportunity to grow as a footballer. Let’s see how he will enter into the new club will get stronger. If he’s ready, of course, the road will be opened for him.

This young fellow is now a difficult period. I wish him luck, hope he will grow into a great player. But this is only the beginning. It a certain burden of responsibility is already there, but to hang him still do not see the point.

We must help him reveal his talent. But above all, he has to figure out what club to hit, what yourself waiting for what he has inner motivation. I hope he will play, and will help Dinamo and the national team of Ukraine, and all Ukrainian football,” said Shevchenko in an interview with Profootball.

Earlier it was reported that Dynamo announced their spragu the matches of the Champions League.

Note that Dynamo will play two matches against Ajax in the group stage of the Champions League. On our website will be available online broadcast of the match Ajax – Dynamo.

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