Shevchenko: “I wish we played football, which will bring the result”

Шевченко: "Я хочу, чтобы мы играли в футбол, который будет приносить результат"

Andriy Shevchenko

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko summed up the interim results of its work in the national team.

Recall that Andriy Shevchenko has replaced on a post of head coach of Ukraine Mykhailo Fomenko, who left the national team after Euro 2016. Under the leadership of Shevchenko, the Ukrainian national team scored three to win and two draws.

Legendary ex-striker stated that he always wanted to be a coach, but also summed up the results of five months of work with the main team of the country.

“I always wanted to be a coach. When I played, it looked to many things in football with different eyes. I watched the team play, training, tactics. After each game, I not only watched the highlights with his participation, and the team, have studied the game partners, the team against which we play, its players. I always needed more information than a simple player.

This is my first coaching experience. And these 5 months flew by very quickly. The most important thing for a coach is the result. There are positive developments. We see that the team is moving in the right direction. There are changes in the quality of the game and respect the players, and in the interest of those same fans. For us it is very important that we played not only football that we like, and which pleases the fans.

Every coach sees football in their own way – the structure of the game, training. I have set ourselves a very difficult task. I want us to play football which will bring the result, which will be pleasant to watch and that will please the fans. I understand what it takes to make a great piece of work.

The most difficult match for this autumn? Every match was difficult, responsible, and every match ahead will be the same. We have a very difficult group. Iceland remembered that we played in an empty stadium. It left a residue. Don’t forget the kids ‘ desire to play well. I felt and saw this – for me it was very important. Each of them became a team player,” said Shevchenko in the program “My game” on TV channel Football 1.

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