Shevchenko: I’d like to see the competition in the team was higher

Шевченко: Я бы хотел, чтобы конкуренция в команде была выше

Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko spoke about the gathering of the national team and upcoming matches.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko in Kharkiv held a press conference where he answered journalists ‘ questions.

“Of course, the weather spoiled our plans, but nothing. Was hoping to be able to spend two full workouts. Let’s check the weather, because a big snowfall is coming. Let’s hope that the field will allow us tomorrow. On the morning of the scheduled basic training. It will be hard to hold her, but I hope that the staff will cope with the field will be able to clear.

About the plans? Leaving tomorrow, the 23rd of March the game, the 24th – training in Marbella, on the 25th, departure, 27 the first play of the second game and disbands the team.

We are trying to make more matches and trainings in the regions. We played in Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa… This goal have football Federation and me in particular, because it is the popularization of football, people like that. They are happy to come and open training sessions and matches. So I try to frequent the regions and other cities. The League of Nations… I Think that in Kharkov will be… Maybe. This is a Federation.

I’d like to see the competition in the team was higher. I have to call players who play in clubs not as often as I would like. Seleznyov scored consistently? Before making the final list of summoned players I talked to Eugene. Yes, he consistently scores, but I would like to see in young forwards Artem Besedin and Roman Yaremchuk.

We have a long list of potential recruits. We try to call them, everyone has a chance. Importantly, they showed their ability on the football field and did it regularly. We have a list now consists of more than 30 people.

As for injured players Yaremchuk, unfortunately, will not be able to help us. We made a further examination – it would not participate, tomorrow will leave. All the rest is in good condition. Ordets time off (his daughter was born – approx.) join us for it tomorrow.

Whether caused by someone from the reserve list instead Yaremchuk? In principle, we knew about this situation. After he was injured, we called Kravets, so he’s here with us. The team is completed. No more challenges – if you do not happen something. Hopefully, will not happen.

The lack Yarmolenko will give us the opportunity to see in other players. I wish him a speedy recovery and full return to duty.

Conflict Khacheridi from Dynamo? I have this situation publicly, I will not comment. Khacheridi in the team, we rely on him. But his relationship at the club – his relationship with the club. We’ve got the team.

Zinchenko’s position in the team? We look at him in training. Where he’s better works, where we will use it.

It is important for us to get a positive result in the match with Saudi Arabia. Japan will be said after the first sparring,” said Shevchenko at the press conference.

We will remind, the national team of Ukraine gathered for a three-day gathering in Kharkov, then go to Spain, where they will play friendlies with Japan and Saudi Arabia.

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