Shevchenko: If the players do not understand, will demand from them more attitude

Шевченко: Если игроки не поймут, то буду требовать от них больше настроя

Andriy Shevchenko

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine held a press-conference before the match against Kosovo.

Andriy Shevchenko answered questions from the media ahead of the match of the 9th round of the qualification round for the 2018 world Cup against the national team of Kosovo.

“We have three newcomers Marlos, Lukyanchuk and Perduta. Everyone is happy, they are very happy. They began preparing for the upcoming games. The matches will be very important for us. I hope we will be able to win. We are only interested in the first place,” said the coach.

“Rakytskyy? He has a problem. He is now in Kiev, tomorrow he will do an MRI and will have some information. Butko here with us. Today he will rest and train starting tomorrow. There are no Coachman. He called in sick one day due to personal problems”.

“We have skilled players. Look at the status of all players. Yes, the lack of Rakitskiy can affect. But I’m sure other players that we have in the team.”

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“Marlos? He is in the same position with other players. He has enough good qualities to help the team. It can create competition in those areas where it can play. Anyone any privileges will not.”

“For me, the first signal is our game with Kosovo. We will have two finals, and the first is with Kosovo. Attitude and for the first and second game (against Croatia, – editor’s note) should be very high. I hope all will understand. If you do not understand, I will require them is even more”, – said Andriy Shevchenko.

Note that meeting the qualifying cycle for the 2018 world Cup Kosovo, Ukraine will take place on 6 October in Shkoder (Albania) at the stadium loro Borici. The opening whistle at 21:45 Kyiv time. Also on our website will text online broadcast of the match.

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