Shevchenko: it is Impossible to play good football

Andriy Shevchenko said that the national team of Ukraine loomed the backbone.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko after the goalless draw with Serbia commented on the game in Belgrade, and also answered the question about the upcoming draw for the Euro 2020.

“I’m glad the selection was really very good. In my opinion, the first time in history we have gone unbeaten. Very grateful to the guys for today’s game – it was not easy. Moreover, our supporters have not had the opportunity to come and support, and this support is very important for us”, – said Andriy Shevchenko after the match.

The Ukraine coach said the players in the match with Serbia.

“The guys did not stop, perform to the end what we have planned during training. In the last seconds we scored the goal we needed. Today was a good match. Somewhere in the second half, especially at the beginning, we kind of lost the thread of the game, made a mistake, missed a goal. But he found the strength, desire, fighting qualities to turn the tide of the match.”

Andriy Shevchenko reacted critically to the mistakes of players and was criticized for unsuccessful launches of each half.

“We started poorly in the first half and the second started very bad. We will talk about it with the guys because we didn’t understand. Especially nothing created, but this penalty was nevertheless. I saw on the replay, the ball in hand hit, so… But the team did not stop, continued to play. Today could see the figure of our game, but not in all moments. It is impossible to play good football, but we are striving for. A lot of guys did well, I am generally satisfied”.

At the same time, the head coach said substitute players.

“Substitute players definitely stepped up the game, because we snatched victory at the end. The same Sidorchuk and Kovalenko played a good match, Victor Tsygankov… We had somewhere to change the game system, we expected that we will be doing more transmissions from the flank, so put Besedina and left Yaremchuk. Shahs excellent entered, Shepelev, too. We have already the backbone of the team – not just the main part, but also the stock that competes and to which it can rely. They give the team what is needed in defence and in attack.”

At the end of Andriy Shevchenko said that the coaching staff has already begun preparation for the European Championships

“Thoughts about the Euro? Now let’s see the draw, but they’ve been thinking about this. Desired rivals? I even think about it don’t want to be honest here. I know what football is, what a lot to these teams and we will prepare

We are making plans, now view the lot, we will prepare for opponents in friendly matches. We understand which group we will have someone to play test matches. The process has already started. Let’s wait for the draw,” said Shevchenko in the comments of the channel Football 1.

We will remind, the Ukrainian national team played a draw with Serbia for the first time and spent a year without a defeat.

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