Shevchenko: Our task is to take points from Croatia

Шевченко: Наша задача увезти из Хорватии очки

Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko said that none of the summoned players for the national team is not guaranteed a place in the first team.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko in the program Great football with Alexander Denisov on channel 1 Football commented on the national team preparation for the upcoming match against group leader Croatia.

“Our entire training process aimed at preparing for the game against Croatia. Our objective is to give players the maximum theoretical information that they need to know about the opponent.

We picked up the to create competition. Despite the fact that we have many players not playing for their clubs during the training process we will see who will look better. I would like that players will and the game forced me to put them in the composition. No one is guaranteed a place

From Croatia we can only win at the expense of the team. Individually Croatia is very solid and strong team. There at every position there are players who play the leading roles in the best clubs, so they will be hard to beat. But football is a team game and what matters is that each of us was thinking about the team. Our task is to battle and take away points from Croatia,” – said Shevchenko.

Earlier wrote that Shevchenko called the final list of players for the match with Croatia.

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